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Frequently asked questions

“Sexual interests and sexuality in general are not a matter of sex, gender, sexual orientation or age. Although the subject is still taboo in society and very little documented in research, women can also struggle with problematic sexual interests. If this is your case, know that there is help available and we can help you find it.”

“Some research shows that sexual interests towards minors can develop in this period of life (Beier et al., 2005; Seto, 2012; Beier et al., 2016; Houtepen et al., 2016; Stolpmann et al., 2017). However, adolescence is a time of many questions related to sexuality. There are various reasons why these questions may arise. Ça suffit is here to listen and enlighten you without judgment.”

“Having deviant sexual fantasies does not necessarily mean that you will act on them. Your fantasies are not criminal, but acting on them is. We are here to listen to you and help you not to act out your fantasies.”

“Ça suffit is also intended for people who consume images of sexual exploitation of minors on the Internet. We are here to help you while respecting the principle of confidentiality of professional secrecy in accordance with article 60.4 of the Professional Code and articles 39 and 39.1 of the Youth Protection Act (YPA).”

“This question can be common among people who were sexually abused as children. It may reflect a fear of a possible act. However, it is important to know that most victims do not repeat these behaviours as adults (Whitaker et al., 2008). If these questions are frequent and persistent, we are here to listen.”

“If your sexual interests are intrusive or you feel that they may be endangering you or others, we encourage you to seek help. Don’t be left alone with your suffering. We are aware that this is not an easy process and we are here to support you through it. You can use the services of Ça suffit or consult our Other Resources tab.”

“When experiencing a problem, there can be a tendency to isolate yourself and believe that you are the only one experiencing this. In reality, other people may be experiencing the same thing as you (Seto, 2009). The Ça Suffit team is there to support you in your questioning by taking you into account, because each situation is unique.”