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Anonymity and confidentiality

The Ça suffit team is committed to providing anonymous and confidential services in accordance with the Professional Code. Neither the site nor the helpline records your activities or keeps any information that could identify you.

However, depending on the legal context and professional obligations, there may be circumstances in which confidentiality or anonymity cannot be assured or must be waived. In addition, we are required to “disclose information to prevent an act of violence, including suicide, where there is reasonable cause to believe that there is a serious risk of death or serious injury to an identifiable person or group of persons and the nature of the threat inspires a sense of urgency.”

“‛Serious bodily injury’ means any physical or psychological injury that is significantly detrimental to the physical integrity or the health or well-being of a person or an identifiable group of persons.” (Section 60.4 of the Professional Code)

In addition, sections 39 and 39.1 of the Youth Protection Act (YPA) specify that we must report cases of abuse or neglect involving children of which we have knowledge. Since the helpline is confidential, you cannot be identified and neither can the potential victims.

If, however, during a call you give information that identifies a child who has been or is at risk of being victimized, the volunteer is obliged to report this to the Director of Youth Protection.

You can consult the privacy policy of the website and the self-help platform Ça suffit at any time.