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Origin of the program

Inspired by the “Stop It Now!” helpline established in 2002 in the United Kingdom, Ça suffit is its Quebec adaptation. Stop It Now! UK was founded thanks to the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a child protection charity dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse. The Ça suffit team worked with Stop It Now! UK to provide a French version of their content. We would like to thank Mr. Stuart Allardyce, Director of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and Stop It Now! Scotland, and Mr. Donald Findlater, Director of Stop It Now! UK and Ireland.

Ça suffit is also inspired by the prevention project Dunkelfeld (Dans l’ombre, in French). Launched in 2005 in Germany, this project aimed to prevent sexual offences against minors on the basis that a person is not responsible for his or her sexual preferences, but for his or her behaviour.

As in Europe, our aim is to enable men with sexual interests in minors to receive the appropriate help to prevent them from acting out. Our services are also aimed at any other person experiencing suffering related to sexual fantasies.

To this end, the Ça suffit team is composed of five sexologists, criminologists and counsellors who have actively participated in its adaptation and implementation in Quebec. This Canadian first is currently the only helpline for this clientele in North America.

To help men with problematic interests, Ça suffit offers various services:

  • A free and anonymous helpline to listen to you without judgment
  • Online self-help modules to help you manage your problematic sexual interests


The helpline aims to offer you an active, anonymous and confidential listening service.

Opening hours of the helpline:
Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM


self-help platform

The self-help modules on the website aim to help you better understand your fantasies and problematic sexual behaviour. This individual work allows you to take it one step at a time, at your own pace, and also includes reflective tools to help you develop a positive and healthy relationship with sexuality.

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